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Hanging Raspberry Pi Case – Aluminum Extrusion

By | Thingiverse.com

I really liked the original design by walter, but wanted to mount the case on my Prusa MK3. I took inspiration from thing 2843889 by Coopey to add a hook to the case that allows it to hang from 3030 aluminum extrusion. It fits perfectly hanging on the side of…

Arcade Cabinet RPi

By | Thingiverse.com

I decided to redesign the awesome cabinet made by @JCriotz. The main reasons where: ability to install the raspberry pi at the back instead of the bottom of the cabinet have a different rear panel for different outlets have support for the 7″ Waveshare HDMI s…

Pi 3 Home Assistant top, zip/cable tie bottom

By | Thingiverse.com

Raspberry Pi 3 case based on design by 0110-M-P. My friend wanted a Pi case which could be mounted with cable ties to run a Home Assistant server. Top Home Assistant “tree” logo – source Interior support for logo No GPIO or ribbon cable holes Bottom Cable/zip…

Open Air Raspberry Pi Case

By | Thingiverse.com

This open-air case is for the Raspberry Pi 3 / B+ is designed to be printed in two parts. The case relies on the fit of the two halves to hold it together– this seems to work quite well with the parts that were test-printed on a Lulzbot Mini, but may or may …

6 inch rack PDU

By | Thingiverse.com

This is a remix of the 1u 6 inch raspberry pi rack. It uses a 5v power brick as a source, and has 5 5.5 x 2.5mm outputs each one controlled by a switch and 3mm LED. The switches are the cheap generic SPST toggles on amazon or ebay ( https://amzn.to/2wgRFkV ),…

Arcade Machine Directions Card

By | Thingiverse.com

This is a simple button legend for my Raspberry Pi arcade machine printed with Solutech Black PLA and AIO Robotics Red & Blue PLA. The look was inspired by an Etsy sign by LiztonSignShop. I started with red, switched to black then back to red. The blue was pr…