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Simple todolist Bradtraversy lower limit error

By | Stackoverflow.com

I am trying to run the bradtraversy simple todo list django code on my raspberry pi and have run into the following error. I have run into the following traceback: Environment: Request Method: GET Request URL: HIDDEN Django Version: 1.11.11 Python Version: 2.…

Django – Cannot ‘migrate’

By | Stackoverflow.com

I am currently trying to deploy my new changes to my raspberry-pi, but with I run python manage.py migrate I receive the error below: Applying CloudRoni.0007_auto_20180129_2007…Traceback (most recent call last): File “manage.py”, line 22, in execute_from_co…

Django Raspberry Pi LCD RealTime data

By | Stackoverflow.com

I’ve Django 2.0 on my Raspberry Pi 3. I connected 2x16LCD to this device. I’m looking for ways to display sensor data and time on screen in real time. Here’s my views.py: from django.shortcuts import render from engine.functions import lcdF def index(request)…

ASP.NET Core MVC on Windows IoT (Raspbian Pi)

By | Stackoverflow.com

I am new to Windows IoT and am trying to get my first dot net core app running on a Raspberry Pi. It is not because I think the Raspbian Pi is the perfect place to host web sites, but my ambition is to implement a measurement and control system on the Pi, and…