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By | Raspberrypi.org

Hello, and welcome to issue 271 of Raspberry Pi Weekly! This week’s edition is a bumper pack of the last few weeks’ worth of Raspberry Pi goodness, so it’s big enough for at least two cups of tea. Have a great weekend, and remember, if you create anything wit…

Argon ONE: a super case for your Raspberry Pi

By | Raspberrypi.org

The friendly people at Argon40, one of our Approved Resellers in Hong Kong, have an already-successful Kickstarter on the go for their Argon ONE Raspberry Pi case. I’ve got one of them on my desk at the moment. It’s a very pleasing object. “That’s quite nice,…

Pygame Zero Invaders

By | Raspberrypi.org

There must be very few people who have not played Space Invaders, and for some it may have been their very first experience of a computer game. The Space Invaders game format requires quite a few different coding techniques to make it work. For some time, if …

PiPod: the Raspberry Pi Zero portable music player

By | Raspberrypi.org

We’ve seen many Raspberry Pi-powered music players over the years. But rarely are they as portable (and snazzy) as the PiPod by Hackaday user Bram. Portable music My biggest regret in life? Convinced I wouldn’t need my 160GB iPod Classic anymore thanks to Spo…

Discover affordable 3D printing in The MagPi #69

By | Raspberrypi.org

3D printing is one of the most incredible technologies in the world. With a 3D printer you can download and make a huge range of items. The price of 3D printing has reduced dramatically in recent months, and it’s now possible to pick up a 3D printer from £99.…

VNC Connect accounts to be “deactivated”

By | Raspberrypi.org

Some VNC Accounts will be “deactivated” according to an alert posted by RealVNC. VNC Connect, provided by RealVNC, is included as a stock part of Raspbian – the official desktop for the Raspberry Pi. The software enables users to connect to a Raspberry Pi rem…

Build a house in Minecraft using Python

By | Raspberrypi.org

In this tutorial from The MagPi issue 68, Steve Martin takes us through the process of house-building in Minecraft Pi. Get your copy of The MagPi in stores now, or download it as a free PDF here. Minecraft Pi is provided for free as part of the Raspbian opera…


By | Raspberrypi.org

Happy Friday! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of days, you’ll be aware that we realised a brand-new Raspberry Pi on Wednesday! The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is available now, and you can learn more about it on our blog. Or in this vid…

Pi 3B+: 48 hours later

By | Raspberrypi.org

Unless you’ve been AFK for the last two days, you’ll no doubt be aware of the release of the brand-spanking-new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. With faster connectivity, more computing power, Power over Ethernet (PoE) pins, and the same $35 price point, the new boar…