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How to Connect Raspberry Pi3 Headless

By | Instructables.com

This tutorial help you to connect RaspberryPi Headless Requirements 1. Raspberry Pi3 any model, if you want to use Raspberry pi Headless in Lower model of pi like Pi1 and Pi2 then You need a Wi-Fi dongle.2. Charger (5V- …

Pentesting BBU Dropbox

By | Instructables.com

This is a small computer battery backup unit turned into a pentesting dropbox. It is meant to be setup behind a computer or any small networking equipment and go unnoticed, while the pentester has remote access into the …

Help me please for to download pdf

By | Instructables.com

Help me please. I would like to download the pdf files https://www.instructables.com/id/IoT-Raspberry-Pi-Video-Streamer-and-PanTilt-Camera/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/IoT -Controlling-a-Raspberry-Pi-Robot-Over-…

Repurpose Optical Drive With RPi

By | Instructables.com

This project came about after my beloved laptop’s optical drive started to misbehave. The CD tray would repeatedly pop out whenever I gave my laptop a push or moved it about in any way. My diagnosis of the problem was th…