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Best personal network cloud solution?

By | Dslreports.com

I recently bought a Asus router with AiCloud that seems to be close to what I want as far as being able to attach an external hard drive and access the files on any device anywhere. I also have a Raspberry Pi with the intentions of playing around with it. My …

[PBX] Get Freeswitch working for Google Voice

By | Dslreports.com

I installed FS on Raspberry Pi 3 following the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Free-Landline-Using-a-Google-Voice/ I was able to have mod_dingaling loaded: 2017-12-14 12:34:34.073695 [NOTICE] libdingaling.c:1680 XMPP server connected 2017-12-14 12:34:34…

DHCP on wireless router or switch or both

By | Dslreports.com

My setup is below. Arris SB8200 -> Netgear R6250 (Wireless Router) -> Netgear ProSafe JGS524Ev2 (switch) I logged into my switch and it showed that DHCP mode is enabled. Do I need to turn it off on the switch or the router or leave it on both? I had a could o…

Learning FreePBX

By | Dslreports.com

FreePBX: Asterisk: 13.17.0 I managed to install FreePBX onto a Raspberry Pi running on my local network and after some trial and error I managed to make my first call. I was impressed with the way everything works and so decided to try setting it up…