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Trying to open port 8000

By | Askubuntu.com

I have an Nvidia Jetson running Ubuntu. I am trying to set up web2py. When I use Chrome on the Jetson it displays the ‘hello world’ for web2py but when I use a browser from another machine on the local network it cannot connect. On the Jetson: jrraines@George…

Ubuntu Core and third-party hardware and drivers

By | Askubuntu.com

I’m doing tests to create a POS system in a very general stack (Ubuntu Core + Electron.js (snap) + mir-kiosk) and hardware (Raspberry PI 3 B+ + Display Touch + Printer Epson + Qr Code Scanner + Cam). I have third-party hardware and drivers E.g (printer, scann…

Ubuntu 18.10 Does Not Recognize My Raspberry Pi

By | Askubuntu.com

I am trying to SSH into my Raspberry Pi Zero W. I set it up as an “Ethernet Gadget” so I can SSH into it over USB. On Windows when I use PuTTY, it works, but Ubuntu’s Bash keeps telling me, “No route to host” or “Could not resolve raspberrypi.local” What am I…

Repacking initrd.img problem

By | Askubuntu.com

So I’m trying to modify initrd.img which is used on Raspberry Pi 2(Ubuntu 18.04) but when I repack it again and start Raspberry Pi with new initrd.img I can’t connect via SSH to enter passphrase for unlocking LUKS encrypted drive: Permission denied (publickey…

Unable install mongo 3.6 on raspberry pi

By | Askubuntu.com

I’ve installed Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS on raspberry pi 3 and i’m trying to install Mongo 3.6 on raspberry pi followed steps as per this link But i’ve ended up with following error Cannot execute binary file : Exec Format error The raspberry pi processor is ARMv7l

Python callback/script returned the following error

By | Askubuntu.com

I have desktop running Ubuntu 16.4. It is mainly used for the home network server. One of the functions is a media center running Kodi and the TV Headend PVR backend. The bedroom unit is a Raspberry Pi running Kodi. They both are configured to use a VPN. Late…

Install mongoDB on Ubuntu Core

By | Askubuntu.com

I try to run a thinger.io server on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu Core. The server is installed as a snap and is running fine, but it misses a mongoDB. How can i install mongoDB on Ubuntu Core?