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April 2019

Recap video by @danielnoree #MRRF2019 #3DPrinting

By | Adafruit.com

Barely any video from #MRRF2019 but i managed to put together this short video with what i´ve got anyway! =)@MidwestRRfest the most awesome #3dprinting event on earth?https://t.co/03rovFUV6w — Daniel Norée #3DMS2019 (@DanielNoree) April 3, 2019Fun recap video…

WOPR: Building Hardware Worth Sharing

By | Hackaday.com

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume that anyone reading Hackaday regularly has at least progressed to the point where they can connect an LED to a microcontroller and get it to blink without setting anything on fire. We won’t even chastise you for not …

Pi Internet Radio #3DThursday #3DPrinting

By | Adafruit.com

Shared by on DigitalUrban on Thingiverse:The PI Radio Case was designed to create a small, easy to use radio with decent sound. It uses the PhatBeat header from Pimoroni (its great), which can either be purchased alone or as as part of a Pi Radio kit, full li…

Sneak Preview: Raspberry Pi for Computer Vision

By | Pyimagesearch.com

The Kickstarter launch date of Wednesday, April 10th is approaching so fast! I still have a ton of work left to do and I’m currently neck-deep in Kickstarter campaign logistics, but I took a few minutes and recorded this sneak preview of Raspberry Pi for Comp…