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December 2018

Cryptex Exterior Remix #3DThursday #3DPrinting

By | Adafruit.com

Shared by Hypnozz on Thingiverse:wanted to remix the cryptex so here you go guys! took allot of sanding to get these things together xD FYI please note that when I printed the outer ring I made it 4% bigger on cura but if you find a better way please post a r…

Ubuntu 18.10 Does Not Recognize My Raspberry Pi

By | Askubuntu.com

I am trying to SSH into my Raspberry Pi Zero W. I set it up as an “Ethernet Gadget” so I can SSH into it over USB. On Windows when I use PuTTY, it works, but Ubuntu’s Bash keeps telling me, “No route to host” or “Could not resolve raspberrypi.local” What am I…

Whoop Gate #3DThursday #3DPrinting

By | Adafruit.com

Shared by Klattrup on Thingiverse:So this is my take on an awesome little Whoop gate. The gate consists of: 1m transparent plastic tube with a 12mm outer diameter and a 9mm inner diameter 1m LED chain with 10 LED’s and a 2xAA battery case This base Here in De…