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August 2018

Make Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Portable Music Player

By | Geek.com

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to the DIY age, where people pay less and make more. Dissatisfied with the existing lineup of commercial music players, maker Bram built their […] The post Make Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Portable Music Playe…

PiPod: the Raspberry Pi Zero portable music player

By | Raspberrypi.org

We’ve seen many Raspberry Pi-powered music players over the years. But rarely are they as portable (and snazzy) as the PiPod by Hackaday user Bram. Portable music My biggest regret in life? Convinced I wouldn’t need my 160GB iPod Classic anymore thanks to Spo…

Awesome All-In-One DIY Arcade Console

By | Geeky-gadgets.com

If you are interested in building your very own DIY arcade system using the awesome RetroPie gaming emulator, you may be interested in the new Instructables tutorial created by member “pjnovas”. Check out the video below to learn more about the project and se…

COPS server setup help

By | Mobileread.com

Hello everyone, I’m trying to set up a COPS server and resilio sync on a Raspberry Pi with the aid of Hypriot OS (http://blog.hypriot.com/getting-started-with-docker-on-your-arm-device/) and dockers. With the aim of syncing a calibre library from a PC to the …