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May 2018

Pi 3 Home Assistant top, zip/cable tie bottom

By | Thingiverse.com

Raspberry Pi 3 case based on design by 0110-M-P. My friend wanted a Pi case which could be mounted with cable ties to run a Home Assistant server. Top Home Assistant “tree” logo – source Interior support for logo No GPIO or ribbon cable holes Bottom Cable/zip…

Repacking initrd.img problem

By | Askubuntu.com

So I’m trying to modify initrd.img which is used on Raspberry Pi 2(Ubuntu 18.04) but when I repack it again and start Raspberry Pi with new initrd.img I can’t connect via SSH to enter passphrase for unlocking LUKS encrypted drive: Permission denied (publickey…

Returning to Arduino a sad experience

By | Arduino.cc

Stepped away for awhile with other things. Came back and found that Arduino has changed dramatically. For the better….not looking like it. Firstly, you appeared to have teamed up with Microsoft, and as I attempt to get the latest editor, I am directe…