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January 2018

First Rockchip based Orange Pi SBC taps RK3399

By | Linuxgizmos.com

Shenzhen Xunlong has launched a $109, open source “Orange Pi RK3399” SBC that runs Android 6.0 or Debian 9 on Rockchip’s hexa-core RK3399 SoC, and offers HDMI 2.0 in and out ports, DP 1.2, eDP, MIPI DSI and CSI, SPDIF, GbE, mSATA, mini-PCIe, a 40-pin header, …

Making the Case for Open Source Medical Devices

By | Hackaday.com

Engineering for medical, automotive, and aerospace is highly regulated. It’s not difficult to see why: lives are often at stake when devices in these fields fail. The cost of certifying and working within established regulations is not insignificant and this …

This low-latency OS could change how music gear is made

By | Cdm.link

You want the flexibility of PC software, but the performance of standalone gear? A new music OS is the latest effort to promise the best of both worlds. Sure, analog gear is enjoying a happy renaissance – and that’s great. But a lot of the experimentation wit…

BIBO Pi Camera Mount with Adjustable Z Stop

By | Thingiverse.com

This is a mount for the raspberry pi cam with detachable ir leds.
Best printed face down. BIBO lettering added …

Best Versions of Final Fantasy 1-6?

By | Escapistmagazine.com

The only versions of them I’ve played were the PS1 ones; FF Origins which had FF1 and 2, FF Anthology which had FF4 & 5, and FF6 which was released on its own. The version of FF3 I had was the DS one. I’m ashamed to admit that I have never finished any of the…

Anet A6 Electrical box

By | Thingiverse.com

This is a very compact electrical box for Anet A6 Printers. It contains everything that is needed in a volume that is printable with the printer itself. I designed the whole part in tha way that the PSU fan will make a decent airflow that will cool down the e…